TMG Adds Record Number of Credit and Debit Card Accounts to Portfolio


(Des Moines, Iowa – January 17, 2017) – For the second year in a row, TMG has achieved a record year of new-account growth. Since January 2015, the payments processor has increased the number of credit and debit card accounts it processes by 35 percent.

Among the new financial institutions that chose TMG as a payments processing partner in 2016 is Madison, Wis.-based Summit Credit Union. According to Diane Czerwonka, Summit’s vice president of operations support, TMG’s customized service is immediately apparent to new partners. The credit union recently completed a conversion of nearly 60,000 credit card accounts to TMG’s platform. Conversion of the credit union’s EMV-enabled portfolio required a mass reissue backed by TMG’s 24x7 cardholder support. “From the outset of our partnership, we observed the TMG team’s genuine interest in helping us grow our portfolio and provide meaningful value to our members,” said Czerwonka.

A proprietary process and experienced project leaders are among the reasons TMG’s conversion process runs as smoothly as it does. It’s why TMG’s existing clients, too, confidently switch platforms to reduce costs and provide richer cardholder experiences. TMG managed a record number of conversions for existing clients in 2016, as well.  

“TMG’s conversion team was there every step of the way, helping us celebrate even little successes and milestones,” said Czerwonka. “There wasn’t a day that went by without their guidance and support. Every conversion comes with its own set of challenges. It’s a complicated process the TMG team understands… and now we do, as well.”
Czerwonka said goals for the future of Summit’s credit card program include targeted marketing to help grow the portfolio, as well as member-centric fraud prevention and detection strategies. “We look to TMG to help us deploy a wide range of initiatives, from attracting new cardholders with successful promotions to combating fraud with quality analytics,” said Czerwonka. “We are also looking to TMG’s product experts to guide us toward implementation of leading technology our members will love.”

“More credit unions and community banks are doing business with TMG because we go far beyond payment processing,” said CEO Shazia Manus, who recently earned Female Executive of the Year honors from the Stevie Awards. “Through rich data analytics, collaborative product development and thought leadership on consumer trends, our teams offer strategic guidance that is truly actionable. Our clients are focused on the future, so they value partners that can give them customized service today while also positioning them for exceptional results tomorrow.”